A few questions

Just got a few q's if you could perhaps answer Smile

What at the moment is the best plugin for pcsx2 to use in general? Im currently using 1846 because 73 just gives me a blank screen. I have however seen that many people are using 890 and I can seem to find this plugin anywhere. I have searched but to no avail.

I have also read in the forums that people are saying that for pcsx2 to run optimally CPU clockspeed is the most important. I understand this but it cant be true in every case. For example a Pentium D clock is at 3Ghz and a Pentium E2200 is at 2.2Ghz, surely the latter will perform better since its a more advanced processor?

Cant remember what else now lol maybe later. Biggrin

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In general, later revisions should be better than earlier ones. However, you may find new problems with some newer builds, so you could revert to older versions which don't exhibit the new problem. 890 is outdated and is only used because its the one that is included in the official 0.9.6 release.

Sure a later generation CPU architecture is more preferable to an earlier generation, but even though the E2200 may be faster, it's still not enough. The recommended specs are a Core 2 Duo CPU at 3.2Ghz or above. That means that a Pentium D at 3.2Ghz is insufficient, and any single core CPUs are pretty much out of the picture.
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Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

Regarding a GPU, I suppose it goes without saying that the minimum GPU in this case would be a GPU that does not bottleneck the CPU? Because realistically a 8600GT should be more than sufficient to display PS2 graphics, yet there are people wanting to buy HD and GTX series graphics cards....

So just in my scenario, im running a Phenom 1 OC'd @ 2.62Ghz paired with a blazing fast 7600GT. Say I get a Dual core and OC it to 3.6-3.8Ghz, would this be viable with my GPU?
Running a 8800GT myself on FFX which isn't that hard to run @ 1920X1200 native res.
Even that only slowed down only due to CPU, after I clocked CPU all was fine.
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It would be if you plan on playing games with low resolution... Nothing more than 720p or so.

Yes, your graphics card can display those kind of graphics easily... except it's not native code, which is the same problem with emulation in general and why you need a 3+ghz dual core.
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The minimum recommended GPU would be a 9600GT. That would ensure you have full speed in most games when paired with a Core 2 Duo clocked at above 3.2Ghz, even at higher resolutions. A 7600GT would be a bottleneck at higher than native resolutions.
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