A few questions
I have a really, really outdated P.C. that I bought back in 2006-7.

The specs for it is a quad core intel processor. I'm not sure about its Ghz. I think it is around the 2.9-3.2 range (I can't check, as I'm at campus).
I also have the ATI 2600 HD as my GPU.

How well will my computer be able to run final fantasy X, XII, and kingdom hearts I & II?

Also, this is my first time that I'll use an emulator. How would I load up the games? Do I just insert the game disks into my CD tray?


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Use CPU-Z to tell you more about your processor such as if it uses 2 physical cores and 2 virtual cores (PCSX2 doesn't seem to use hyper-threading) and post a pic+^_^+ also type and speed of RAM might be helpful as well
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If its a quadcore intel processor around the GHz you mentioned it should be ok with those games.

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