A few questions
Hi everyone, i just finished setting up all the things i need to play, and it is GLORIOUS, so much nostalgia hit me once i saw all the ps2 and ps2 games' logos and intros.

i do have a few problems though.

1. I can't make the sound work, i looked around on the internet but all the solutions i found didn't fix it, so far i've tried only with a couple of games since i still don't have a game library, but i tried using the recommended settings and i tried the non recommended settings, any help will be appreciated,

2. How can i get Local Multiplayer (like split screen and co-op) to work??, so i only need to plug in 2 controllers or more and i'm ready to go??, or does pcsx2 not support more than 1 controller at a time?

3. Is there any way to play Online for games that support online multiplayer?

4. How do i copy over my saved games from my old memory card??, and is it possible to download a saved game from the internet and apply it to my own PS2 virtual machine?

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1. Go to confix>sound>plugin settings and switch from portaudio to xaudio2

2. Config>Controllers>plugin settings : there you can configure controllers 1 and 2

3. Under Config>plugin/bios selector you can select the dev9ghzdrk-r5822 plugin for online. You will also need the network disc for your ps2 to use it.

4. If your ps2 is soft modded you can do this:

1. Start ULaunchElf.
2. plug in a flash drive or other storage device formatted to fat 32.
3. In ULaunchElf go to your memory card and select all of the save files you want by pressing the X-button.
4. Hit R1 on your controller and select copy.
5. Navigate to your flashdrive which is listed as Mass
6. Hit R1 again and select PSU Copy
7. Use this to import those save files that are now on your flashdrive
Note: You can also download saves from here or GameFAQs
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
thanks a lot for the reply Smile

edit: where do i copy the save file to??
If you use the installer:
If you use the portable version:
<program dir>\memcards

If you haven't changed anything.

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