A few questions about pcsx2

Ok Ive read the faq but I think it doesnt go in depth with the new version.

Anyway, my questions are:

1.) I have an SSE4 compatible pc. What advantages do I have compared to the other 2?

2.) I don't see the enable MTGS option in pcsx2 0.97. I only saw the Sync MTGS or something. Is it enabled by default? And should I check this sync mtgs option?
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1) It is slightly faster in some operations that have been optimized to use those newer instructions, nothing amazing though.
2) Yes it is enabled by default on 0.9.7. Sync MTGS shouldn't be used except if you're testing for regressions
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1.) SSE4 (or2/3 etc) refers to a set of instuctions a cpu can use. SSE4 is the best one to use if you can. If you cant it wont matter a whole lot.

2.) Yes MTGS is enabled by default.

Edit: DRAW!! Ahh, you win Bositman.
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