A few questions regarding Netplay

Before I continue, I hope this is the right area to be posting in.
I've had a few questions that I've needed answering for quite some years, but haven't considered registering here to get those answers until today so I shall begin. If they are unclear or I've somehow missed such things already answered before then I apologise.

- Has there been any development or plans regarding to Netplay?

- Despite online services being shut down on nearly every game, is it possible to redirect the connection? By which I mean instead of pointing at the games web server, to instead direct at a local host or something of that nature.

- How is a games web server hosted exactly? I'll never see the logic in a game being dependant on a service that could close down at any time, rendering that game pretty much redundant.

Having stumbled across this https://github.com/alexsharoff/pcsx2-online I'm not sure whether that's bull, or does in fact work as intended.
I find it rather sad that my ps2 games with Netplay support are dead, knowing that it is most likely no longer possible to game with people after so many years have gone by. I felt incredibly nostalgic playing some of the old games, and thinking I could step back into my past and relive times playing with people, but with doubts of any possibility, that's fizzled out. This feels pretty much like trying to bring back the dinosaurs, which really is a depressing scenario.
Thank you for your time in reading this, especially for any answers given.

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1. - No new developments recently

2. - Yes, some games have unofficial, fan hosted servers

3. - The PS2 uses an IP address to determine the game server. Using the DEV 9 plugin and some settings, this can be redirected.
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Thank you very much, that is extremely helpful.

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