A guide to helping newcomers to PCSX2
Now, forgive me if I'm putting this thread in the wrong section, so, if I am, please let me know. Now, I've been back and forth on these forums for a while and noticed that there are many people (new members, etc) who are unfamiliar with setting up PCSX2, its plugins, and so on. I recently posted a video tutorial on how to set up PCSX2 in Windows Vista/7. Would it be possible to direct those who have difficulty setting it up to this thread? Here's the tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVLHMaa5LaU Biggrin

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I don't see how having all speedhacks on can be "the best" setting. There really is not much difficulty in pcsx2 setting. Most peole just don't bother to search or try themselves, or their computers are not fast enough to run pcsx2.
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True...my bad,

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