A hint/patch about the gsdx dx9 hw z-buffer problem
First thanks for all the pcsx2 developers.
I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, if not , forgive me.
I found that if I use gsdx dx9 hw mode, the game "Super Robot War Alpha 3' have a z-buffer problem that some layer is always behind another. I tried many way to solve this. finally I found that if I put this line to the 'vs_main' function in file 'tfx.fx', the problem disapeared:

input.p.z = fmod(input.p.z, 0x400000);

I tested 0x10000,0x100000 and 0x800000, it seems 0x400000 is the best value.

I just think if this is a hint to the developers to completely solve the z-buffer problem in gsdx dx9 hw mode.

org.jpg: default code
22bit-z.jpg: set input.p.z to fmod(input.p.z, 0x400000)

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I think I am wrong place, I will post this to Plugins forum.
is that a *.pnach file???
i'm interested on your project can you provide us a *.pnach file attachment
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(12-03-2009, 07:36 AM)tallbender Wrote: is that a *.pnach file???
i'm interested on your project can you provide us a *.pnach file attachment
No, it is a patch(in fact, a hack) for source code
it fix the super robot war games , but break some others.
you can get the tfx.fx to build it by yourself
or use my dll file.

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It won't be accepted if it just fixes some games and breaks others. Unless you can prove this is the way it's meant to work (which is very doubtful since it breaks games)
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