A list of troubles...
Hej guys,
I got pcsx2 up and running ;p , I made iso's of 5 of my favo games
FFX,FFX-2,FFXII,KH,KHII... the problem is ...

FFX : the white screen problem.. otherwise smooth
FFX-2 : The first cutscene is SO SLOW and really weird to look at (pic)
FFXII : Same problem as with FFX-2, but already at the intro Sad
KH : intro scene has weird colors and I can't control character without controller :s arrows don't work...
KH2 : Same problem as KH, but intro OK !

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I've seen a thread around to how configure zeropad analog controls, don't remember which one precisely.

FFXII: just skip the intro, after first several very slow minutes it should speed up, the beginning is very computation intensive apparently.

There's a ffxii walkthrough for pcsx2/mac so should work all way through Smile
Thank zedr0n ;p Helped me for the 3th time +1 rep ;D ow yeah ! you did a great job making this for mac !!!!

KH + KH2 => can easily fix it by using my ps3 controller i guess...

FFXII - FFX-2 : so there's no patch or something to make it 'pretty' and quicker ?

KH: weird colors? no patch or something?

In General : Are there any sort of optimum configurations for pcsx2-mac ?

ps: trying to upload pics , but doesn't load :/


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