A little help?
Well, im new, hi Tongue anyway, ok. my problem is, i tried my Kingdom hearts 2 (US) disc, and a couple times, im not sure how or what settings i had, but making a new game gave a BSOD (on the emulator, not my PC) and now i cant even it get to the menu. my specs:

CPU speed: 3.378 Ghz
graphics card: Nvidia GeForce MX 220
Ram: 4gb ( although, "my computer" properties says 3.25GB, while my BIOS say 4GB. and i have 2 2gb stick in, so w/e)
OS: Windows XP

what i mostly wanna know is what plugins i should use, what settings, how to make it work, and any other thoughts. Thanks. Smile

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(02-05-2010, 02:47 AM)riku2211 Wrote: i was planning on donwloading kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+, but wanted to be sure i had PCSX2 up and running fine.

pls. observe rule #1 no guessing game before download game topic.
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Very sorry, my mistake. edited.
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