A little help please FFXII
Hey all being trying to get FFXII working through the emulator for quite a while now and read through the posts and what i should do and have the same problem of the jumpy, blocky graphics oh and bad sound Rolleyes

The system:
AMD 4200 x2 (2.2ghz)
Nvidia 6600GT
3Gig Gaming ram - Windows XP

Pcsx settings:
gfx: gsdx 890 (mvsvc 15.00 sse2) 0.1.14 - default
sound: zerospu2 0.4.4 (both timing selected), also tried peops
cpu: eerec - eeiop, vu0rec, vu1rec, multi threading, duel core mode, norma

in process menu i have "patches not found carn't apply patches crc=0779fbdb" <---- sorted! (just the rest still)

If you need a youtube vid let me know and i'll try and upload one later Smile

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Bad sound-> Get a faster pc
Jumpy blocky graphics...doesn't tell me much,have you tried Interlancing (with F5) while running the game? That should get rid of the 'jumpyness'.Blocky graphics,if you're talking about videos,nothing you can do about that
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yeh it was the videos at the start and what not.

Ive just got a controler working and now im looking to improve the fps as its about 10-20 at the start when he wakes up, is there a way to cut out the start vids btw? so i can do checks quicker on performence???
Going to over clock the cpu and prob the gfx tomorrow see if that helps, it was the game vids i was on about like at the start but as you said nothing can be done about them. Its more while im playing now its a little stuttery. Thanks for the help anyhow Smile
Ok tried a little over clock with the gfx and memory but then pcsx2 didnt want to work so im back to 2.2ghz and stock on the vid Closedeyes

Anyway, ive just pup on SP3 for XP and all was going well for the first 5mins then it froze FFXII can someone tell me what this means please Rolleyes Blink

[Image: pcsx2vd3.jpg]
I would try some of the speed hacks if I were you.
im using pcsx2 9.4 not the playground one i dont think there are any speed hacks for it...
(01-25-2009, 09:06 PM)xoligy Wrote: im using pcsx2 9.4 not the playground one i dont think there are any speed hacks for it...

use the playground version.. i was having similar problems with ff12 and i switched to the playground version and it works perfectly , videos , sound, and everything...

go to the persona 4 thread in this support forum and turn on all the speed hacks/ advanced options that were suggested there too
k thanks stemlem will give it a shot! Smile

dunno why that happend tho been workin before lol

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