A little issue with Final Fantasy X International
Hey, I have a tiny little problem with FFX International that's been bothering me a little, it's nothing gamebreaking or anything, and I could easily play just fine without ever fixing it, but I would still like to fix it if there's a way. As the attached screenshot shows, it's a bit of garbage around text usually involving a changing number like HP or MP, I can fix it by setting the resolution to Native, but then it looks too bad on the models ingame, so that's no good. Is there any specific resolution that works good with this game that fixes the text garbage and looks nice ingame? Also I have another completely different question of no real importance, every so often when I take screenshots using Fraps, PCSX2 crashes, but when I open it again and try, it usually works the second time. I can remedy this by save stating before I take a screenshot, but it's still a little irritating, does PCSX2 have it's own keybinding for taking screenshots? Thanks. (If there's a thread outlining my issue and how to fix it, please link me there if you would be so kind, thank you.)

Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm using the PCSX2 Beta r1888.

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Nope, that's what happens when you run the game at a resolution it was not intended to run. You'll have to live with small glitches like this when using custom internal resolutions
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Ah, alright, thanks, it's not a big deal anyway.
that "garbage around text should be fixed by setting gsdx internal res to native .

dunno about the fraps stuff, though ... Sad
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Oh about fraps I think the screenshot hotkey is conflicting with some PCSX2 hotkey. Try changing the screenshot hotkey of fraps to something else
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