A little problem while playing Guilty Gear AC+
My version is the latest 1.0. I'm currently playing Guilty Gear AC+.

This is not much of a problem, but the game occasionally slows down regardless of the speed hacks, setting the resolution to native, and disabling all sorts of effects. I also tried different kind of renderer, but non of them showed any significant changes to the performance except the nulls. I noticed that the framerate doesn't stay at 60. It sways back and forth between 59 and 60. I'm not sure if it should do this because the setting should let the framerate stay on 60 unless it my PC can't handle the game.

The most strange thing is that my PC should be able to handle the graphics even through the emulator. I can run games like Crysis with full setting while opening all sorts of softwares. I've also disabled as much background softwares as possible to prevent the slowdown.

My PC spec:

Processor; Intel Core i7 CPU 870 2.93GHz 2.93GHz
Memory; 4.00 GB
System;64 bit operating system
Graphics Card; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

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This isn't any minor slowdown either. It drops to 50 or even up to 40, which makes any combos impossible to perform.
slowdowns are normal when there are high detailed areas

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