A little question and request for pcsx0.9.8 lilypad keyboard+mouse bindings
Ok,thanks to everyone I finally get the pcsx2 going but now I want to know if there's optimal bindings setting for using keyboard and mouse with this. Tried setting some bindings up myself after reading lilypad faqs and I have a feeling that I still miss something...so here goes.

1.I read about the "Turbo" section in faqs but I'm still unclear...what does it do,exactly ?

2. Can someone please post their optimal lilypad.lily(bindings save) for playing RPG games like persona 4 ? Mouse and Keyboard only.


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There's no optimal settings. Best to use your GamePad for playing it.

Still here what I use for Keyboard and Mouse.

.rar   LilyPad.rar (Size: 961 bytes / Downloads: 2.733)
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
Um...I was talking about the Turbo in lilypad plugin...I'm not sure if it's any related to game fps as you say

And thanks for the bindings! I'll check it out when I got home.

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