A lot of emulators, all to the same time

I want to make a question that it's relationed with PCSX2 and it isn't to the same time. Possibily you will wonder my asking and will go to call me crazy. I experienced to load one lot of emulators, all to the same time. It was PCSX2, Demul, Sega Model 2, NullDC, SSF and Mame. The emulators worked well. It was for 10, 15 minutes. This can damage and decrease the perfomance of my computer? My computer it's a Core i7 920. Please, be sincere with me, who understands about pc hardware.

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Basically youre asking if running multiple emulators all at once can damage your pc? If thats the case then the answer is no.
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Decrease performance = yes..
Damage = No
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Perhaps ironically, running lots of emulators at the same time decreases your CPU load and reduces the chance of damaging your hardware.

It might increase the stress on your hard drive, and might cause its lifespan to shorten (only in the same context that anything that causes disk swapping would) .. but other than that, no. Running lots of emulators at once is a good way to protect your CPU from high stress conditions.
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