A note on ini's
I know Jake.Stine fixed one of the issues with the ini folder being deleted and the emu still crashing and that's much appreciated, but there's another one related to either the ini folder or the bios, still out there. It always happens on every revision I've tried since ~550 when you initially place the VTLB.exe into the desired folder that after you set the plugins and the configs and hit ok for the first time the emu will show you the cmd window then crash. Afterwards, you can fire it back up and, thanks again, it doesn't crash for a second time, but you still have to config the options again.

Then again maybe it's just me, either way felt like I should report it. Maybe there's someone else out there lol.

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VTLB.exe in the desired folder? do you mean other than the root folder?
if not this has been fixed... or at least i don't encounter the error anymore since r659
currently there is no official beta that is past that revision sorry you have to compile or search on 4shared for example for other builds XD
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The crash bug is fixed.
But I get another problem when configuring Pcsx2 for the first time, a window pop-up and say "cannot initialize EE/IOP recompiler, use EE/IOP interperter instead", I have to restart Pcsx2 for it to work correctly
I compiled my own revision and the problem persists. I even get the official pg release then I place the exe into the root of it, crashes each time on the initial config. Guess I'll look into it because it seems to be a problem on my end; bad bios maybe? Do you think redumping it would be any different?

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