A (possibly) dumb question but I am curious Also Wild Arms 4 Bug..
This may be a dumb question but I have always been curious, when I make a save state should I not move in the game until it saves it to disk? Also how safe is it to make a savestate during a sequence with alot of moving, for example lets say during a event like where u have to hit a certan button when it says etc?

I've been pausing the game and such before making a save state, and have always been curious about this.

Also in wildarms 4 I notice some of the graphical effects don't work, its nothing major its the glow thats on say, save points and some switches, Its not speed hacks thats causing it, it works fine in software mode as well. Seems to be a hardware mode issue. Like I said its not a big deal really, just thought I'd mention it. It doesn't impact the game at all.

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Ive never had a problem with savestates during action-heavy moments

i have had a single savestate simply bring up a black screen when i saved during an odd graphical glitch, dont even remember what game it was since i never had the problem again
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I'm not the expert on this but I think the moment you do a savestate command, the whole virtual machine and all plugin states get dumped instantly and at the same time.
Then a different thread compresses the dumped information and saves it to disk.
What you do after you give the state save command hence doesn't affect the save.
AHh, I wonder if there is a way to disable the compression part.. or are save states that big?

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