A question about backups
This isn't exactly PCSX2-related, but you guys are the best people I know who can answer this question, so:

I know it's legal to make your own dump of a game disc and/or system BIOS and use the ISOs and BIOSes for emulation as long as you still own the game disc and/or system, but is it legal to keep the dumped ISOs and BIOSes and continue to use them for emulation even when the game disc and/or system is no longer usable?

I have two copies of Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Greatest Hits) for PS1. One of them has been in very good condition ever since I acquired it, but the other one was heavily scratched on the bottom upon acquisition and had to be resurfaced. I dumped the good copy into an ISO (as well as dumping the PS1 BIOS from my PSP) so I can legitimately play the game via emulation. I'm worried about being able to continue legitimately playing the game via emulation, even when both my copies are so old and deteriorated that I can't use them anymore...

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As long as you own the game still, it is completely legal for you to continue using the backup copy Smile
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Thank You.
Isn't that what a backup is for? In case the original is destroyed you have a backup. If on the other hand you sold the original, then your backup is no longer serving its purpose.

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