A question about memory cards
So the emulator runs a visual memory card one and two, and the first memory card is now full. So when games try to save they tell me their is not enough space in the memory card. How can I have them use additional memory cards ? How can I create more memory cards other than just two of them ?

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make a new one
in Config---->Memcards
just change your filename and it will make a new one....don't forget to format it
on the bios menu(Browser,Sys Config screen)

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I don't want to lose the previous one and lose my saves. I guess tthey won't be lost if I copy paste somewhere else the existing full memory card.
Do what tallbender told you to, and you can switch to the old memcards whenever you want. When you format the new memcard it should tell you it's unformatted anyway while the old one should just show it's content, so there's no reason why you would lose your saves.

Just as an additional almost unrelated note, you should always keep backups of your cards from time to time so in case something goes wrong you don't lose all of it's contents like others have before.
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