A question about save states in PCSX2
I've been playing Disgaea, using US bios, pretty much all default settings. Now, I've had some trouble with save states- They take forever to load, with no apparent sign of loading, and frequently crash out. Any advice that might be given on how to find out more about what's going wrong, or is this a simple recognized Beta issue?

I'm on Windows XP, x86. If there's anything else useful I can add, let me know. I believe my graphics card is a Geforce GTX 260, from nvidia, though I'll be jiggered if I can imagine how that would effect save states.

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Okay, further realization- it seems like it tends to crash out if I try to save statetoo quickly after having hit save state, like a cooldown on saving state- if broken, it crashes, telling me there's been a start thread semaphore error or something along those lines. That helps somewhat.
Well bad things will happen if you try to save and load each 2 seconds that pass. Give it some time to save (you can see state successful on the log when it's done) and some 2-3 secs (at least) to load.
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