A question about slowmo

so, well i just had a simple question really, wich is; is it possible to bind the slow motion (shift + tab) to another button? say for instance to a button on my gamepad? this is not a huge problem of course, just for convience sake since i dont have my keyboard really near me when im playing with my gamepad, and using the slow motion is quite handy at times. I can turbo up by pressing L3, but i cant find a way to bind the slow motion.

Thanks in advance

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Not immediately ATM, the hotkeys are hardcoded into the executable for now.

PS: Making the hotkeys configurable was suggested already but involves a time demanding change in the GUI structure while the devs are focused in solving general accuracy issues with the emulation by now. Maybe in the future, and maybe quickly if someone else jump at the job.
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If you don't use turbo in those games you need slowmo, then you can just set turbo to low value like 50%, opposite of the name they aren't limited to only slowdown or speedup and can be set as you like.

If you need both, well... there are also some programs which you can use, that allow setting keyboard keys/combinations to pad, GlovePIE can surely do something like that, dunno any other, but probably there are a few to choose from.
simply use joy2key to map that (shift+TAB) to a button
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