A question about the VM version
Hi, i have a question for the VM version of PCSX2.

When it asks to log off/log on to properly allocate the memory the PCSX2 uses, what does this mean?

Does this mean that PCSX2 allocates some memory from my system even when PCSX2 is not running?

Sorry for the n00b question and note that i don't have any problems whatsoever with the VM version, i am just curious what the memory allocation does and if it uses resources even when PCSX2 is not running.
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Logging off causes Windows to release any memory that programs have set aside for use, meaning there is a greater chance PCSX2 will get the memory it wants.

PCSX2 doesn't actively hold memory while it isn't running. I have a burning hatred for all programs that do that (I'm looking at you, Norton) and there's no reason to do it in most cases.
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might as well post in this one than make a new thread:
what's the diff between TLB and VM of the exe
The VM version is faster than the TLB version. The amount it is faster by differs.
There are games that work on one but not on the other, though generally the TLB version is/is supposed to be more compatible.
I think it's time to say that very soon, there will not be a VM and a TLB version anymore. So at least for the people who compile from svn, this will no longer be an issue....

Hopefully, you won't ever have to mess with the horrible broken VM ever again. Of course, the new version could very well be quite broken for a while Tongue

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