A question for the PCSX2 developers
I was just curious as to why 'enable advanced instruction set' is not set.

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Where is this option?

My theory is that it is incomplete, you don't have the advanced instruction set to use it, or it isn't available/needed for your current settings.
'Enable advanced instruction set' is an option in Microsoft Visual Studio. Enabling it allows SSE and SSE2 instructions to be written by the compiler. I'm asking why this is not set, when PCSX2 requires SSE2 already anyway.
I believe it was causing anomolies with the program, so we disabled it. SSE is used when we need it rather than when the compiler decides.
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I see.

I've heard that the problems with the option in Visual Studio 2008 are not present in VC2010. Has the team considered enabling the option in the VC2010 project?
VC10 isn't perfect either. If you compare the assmebly output (/FA) with and without /archWackoSE2 the difference is minor.

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