A question regarding the effectivity of the Computer I'm buying
Hi everyone, I posted a couplke of months ago asking about my last computer. I am now upgrading to a new computer and would like to know its effectivity in PCSX2 gaming.

The Computer Specifications:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA77T-UD3P AM3 motherboard (AM3)
(770T chipset, DDR3, AM3)
CPU: Phenom II 955 Quad 4x3,20GHz 8MB (Black Edition) AM3
CPU Cooler: AM3 Temperature Controlled Cooler
Ram: Kingston 8GB DDR3-1333 DualChannel RAM
Harddisk: 1000GB S-ATAII 3Gb/s Fluid Silent (7200rpm)
Graphics: 2 X ATI Radeon HD4890 1GB DDR5 PCI-E
PSU: 750W ATX PSU Super Silent 17dB High-END
Drive: Sony 24x DVD-burner +/- Dual layer
Fan: Ultra Durable 3 on motherboard + Silent Coolers.

I realize that PCSX2 does not fully support Quad Core. Will I have to overclock my CPU to a higher number, or will I be able to play the games I love with that setup?

Example of the games I wish to be able to play:

Final Fantasy X, X-2
Metal Gear Solid 2,3, Substance/Subsistence
Kingdom Hearts 1, 2

Thank you for your eventual response,

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MGS series will run slow regardless...I think...or have that been fixed. In any case, 3.5GHZ should yield good results with the majority of the games listed as playable.

BTW, I do hope that you are using that for PC gaming as well. PCSX2 don't support multi GPU so it would be weird to have 2 4890's.
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Haha, Well actually I use it for video editing mostly, but I do get in some Crysis-time in between Wink
i'd go for 2x 5850 instead of 2x 4890

they perform better and have dx11 (an 5850 slightly beats a gtx285)
prices are about the same
[Image: 1454055.png]
And 5850 requires less power and it generates less heat. Its a win win scenario.
Ah yes, but does it make any difference with PCSX2?
its a faster gpu itself regardless of dx11
so should technicly be faster (note that both are good enough but pcsx2 is mainly Cpu dependant)
[Image: 1454055.png]
Wow how did I miss this game in my collection when I was testing speed of PS2 games with my new rig.

Anyways, my rig should get similar results to your new system since the game is not GPU limited.

The game runs really pretty well except for areas with a lot of grass (known issue, do a search and most people report really bad slowdowns in the custscenes and grassy areas). Aside from that, the game plays full speed on my system. Save states are very hit-and-miss. Sometimes they'll work fine, other times they cause the game to randomly crash. It's best to just save using traditional memory card style saves.
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Good config, however: Throw out the two 4890 and instead use a 5870 or 5850! The new graphics card only have advatages over 2 4890s:

-newer technology (DX11 etc)
-VERY low power consumption while idling in Windows -> Less heat, less noise, saving energy, saving money
-lower power consumption while in-game than 2x 4890
-no annoying Crossfire/Multi-GPU problems -> much easier to handle
-full power in PCSX2, because single GPU
-faster (5870) or equally powerful (5850) than 2x 4890

Really, buying a 4890 Crossfire right now, would be plain stupid.

And another thing: The PSU somehow sounds really cheap. Stick to decent PSU brand like Be Quiet, Enermax, Corsair, Seasonic etc. Your hardware will be much safer, the PSU much less noisy and you have some reserves for later. Even though those cheap PSUs say 750W, it probably bursts, when you use hardware that consumes 750W. Oh and btw if you use one 5850/5870 stick to a smaller PSU, 500-550W (from a good producer) is absolutely sufficient for any current single GPU configuration.
Uhhh...one 5870 is not even as fast as the 4870x2, let alone 2x 4890's. The only time where one 5870 would beat 2x 4890 would be in games that does not support multi-GPU. Also, how do you even know if that PSU is cheap. Just saying that it "sounds cheap" doesn't really justify the need for something better.
I believe that is the computer in question. I'm pretty certain that if they're willing to go as far as putting brand name parts into that PC, they're not going to cheap out on the most essential part.

On an unrelated note, the 5870 is obscenely long! It's longer than a 4870x2 or the 295! At this rate, I don't even want to know how long the 5870x2 is going to be, assuming ATI is going to make that.
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