A simple guide to formatting memcards in PCSX2
since i've noticed that people actually have trouble with formatting memcards in PCSX2 i thought it might be useful if someone posted a (hopefully) simple guide on how to do it, so i took it upon myself to do just that. This guide covers both 0.9.6 and 0.9.7

    Step 1: Start up PCSX2 0.9.7 and under the CDVD menu select "No Disc"

    Step 2: Next, under the System menu, select "Boot CDVD (Full)"

    Step 3: Once PCSX2 has booted into the bios, enter the browser.

    Step 4: Highlight your unformatted memcard file and hit whatever your action button is (for most people it should be cross but for my weird bios dump it's circle)

    Step 5: At this dialogue, select 'Yes'

    Step 6: As long as everything goes smoothly and hillarity doesn't ensue (which it shouldn't) formatting should take around a second and then you should be presented with this screen, job done, congratulations you have formatted your memcard file.

Step 7: repeat for the other memcard file if it is also unformatted, otherwise put your cdvd settings back to how they were and enjoy.

    Step 1: Start up PCSX2 0.9.6 and under the config menu, select Configure and under Cdvdrom select "CDVDnull Driver".

    Step 2: Under the File menu select "Run BIOS (No Disc)".

Step 3: Follow steps 3-7 of the 0.9.7 guide.
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