A small problem with Persona 3 FES
Sorry everybody; thanks to the forum I could fix a lot of things on Persona 3, BUT I still have a small problem; with the shadow of my character, can i do anything for fixing it ? ^^

[Image: problemshadow.png]

the good shadow, i think :
[Image: 26--article_image.jpg]

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Could you please post which revision and settings you used? Shadows do work fine in P3, mostly anyway.
Ok, I will try to say as much information
I am not a pro in emulation Tongue2

I use Bios USA v.2.20, with a USA version of Persona 3 FES
PCSX2 r5350
Renderer : Direct3D11 ( Hardware )

i am in SuperVU recompiler with VU Clip Flag Hack ( patchs for persona ), and with speedhacks active
BUT I tried without, and nothing changes

I've done nothing more ... Need more informations ? i can say more ...

Edit : Plugins used :[Image: pluginsw.png]

[Image: gdxs.png]
Did you try it with microVU?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
This is weird, destination alpha isn't working for some reason.
It should though, with a regular GSdx. Especially in DX10 mode.
Yes, i try microVU, and anything change

BUT i have discovered something interesting.

When i use F9

( F9 -- switches from the Hardware rendering into Software rendering which is always in native resolution. Software render and native resolution can both be used to avoid some severe graphics glitches occurring in some games in video or special sequences when they are rendered in non-native resolutions or when the hardware render has bugs like with "Tales of Legendia". Some 2D objects can also suffer from wrong rendering in non-native resolution modes. You can switch runtime to software render finish the critical game section and then switch back to hardware afterwards. ) Wikipedia Tongue2

I can rapidly alternate between :

[Image: comparaison.png]

And i am now in directx11, it's already better; but i must choice between good shadow; bad fps when there are big effects, and bad aliasing; or ugly shadow with good fps always and a good anti-aliasing :/

I want good fps, anti-aliasing and good shadow ahahah
it's possible ? ... xD
Can you try ticking 8bit textures?
Edit : no, nothing changes :/

That's come from the hardware; strange thing xp
but hardware is better for fps and aliasing. I dont undersand why we can use a mix of software an hardware

There is no command to force it?
No, the 2 rendering methods cannot be combined.
The shadow bug you have shouldn't be there however.
There's some problem with your setup or game that causes it.

Edit: Do you have any GSdx hacks enabled by chance?
mmmh, yeah ok ...

If I post all my config of pcsx2, that can help ? or receive the config of your screen xD

Quote:Edit : Do you have any GSdx hacks enabled by chance?

[Image: testemu.png]

Nothing, and i have testing with each hacks ; nothing changes


Edit : It is maybe i'm using PCSX2 r5350 ... ? i don't know ...

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