A somewhat(?) cheer to PCSX2 team
I had a problem that OpenGL always turns itself off as the dev team said my PC didn't support it.

I can finally have the OpenGL run for my games! Very thank you to the dev team. XD
[Image: 2017-04-13%2021%2039%2023_zpsofbllbzh.jpg]
Since the OpenGL is in working, the life bar and other game's UI has finally come back for me. (Direct3D 9 still has this issue, though OpenGL is more interesting for me right now)
However, please notice at Window's title bar. The framerate drops on some parts of the game. 
Turning MTVU on seems doesn't help. I'll have to reduce the resolution from 800x600 to 640x480 and the framerate rises to 51, still a little slowdown. (When it goes below 59.94 the game always runs slower, I thought it could be okay if it's not below 30)

[Image: 2017-04-13%2021%2045%2021_zpsatj7v0pu.jpg]
[Image: 2017-04-13%2021%2048%2012_zpsiqurzto6.jpg]
Other games seem to work fine, I haven't found any problem yet.

A thin notebook PC with Core i5 5200u without graphic card. 16GB of RAM. 256GB of SSD. Windows 10 (no creator update yet.)
PCSX2's version : pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-1994-g24eb162-windows-x86
(Since my last post, I didn't update any drivers for my PC at all because there're works that were keeping me occupied)

I read the report at the front of webpage and was really exciting to see PCSX2 can run PSX games! So I hurrily picked up a game and try (FF7)
[Image: 2017-04-13%2021%2028%2055_zpsvcg1fl5h.jpg]
The game freezes at this screen. Aww... this tells me that the dev team needs more time.

But I'd like to express how I'm feeling. All of these are really exciting for me! Please keep up the good work!

Ace Combat: The Belkan War
I had no problem playing this game. There was a little slowdown but I made it to the final stage of the game.

While I was playing it at the actual PS2 console, I can softly press the square button to keep my plane flying at constant slower speed.
Now that I'm playing it with keyboard, if I press the J button (represented as square of PS2's controller), the game will keep reducing plane's speed as long as I hold the button.
And because of this, I keep crashing my plane at enemy's base since the final mission of the game is to move the plane inside the narrow path under the base.

I think the only solution is to find a controller. But I'm thinking of its name. Is this the reason why they (Sony) called it "Analog controller" ?


Edit :
Sorry I forgot this picture.
[Image: 2017-04-13%2021%2049%2001_zpsfzys4ksh.jpg]
Even the OpenGL can work, the log window is still printing these lines. (Failed to find {OpenGL's function name} )
I don't know if it's really okay now. Maybe I should play some games for a month and see...

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You're driver doesn't support part of openGL 4.5 hence the error message. I hope Intel is still planning to release a full driver one day.
I really need to find a way to reduce the default size of framebuffer. It would really save resources.

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