A suggestion for the compatability listings
There should be different categories for playable games.

Playable: The default tag, same as it is now
Playable - Flawless: Plays perfectly as if you're playing on a real PS2
Playable - Glitchy: Is playable, but has glitches that impact gameplay. The glitches are not severe enough where it makes the game unenjoyable.

All new listings would be listed as either Flawless or Glitchy, and the old listings can be updated to one of the new categories as people confirm that it's either flawless or glitchy. If it's a glitchy listing, the compatability list should include a link to a thread that discusses how to get around or avoid the glitches.

For example, Rogue Galaxy is absolutely playable, but there is a pretty severe gamebreaking glitch on certain areas of one planet. There's also some bugged cutscenes. There's also an issue with some slowdowns after switching planets sometimes that are resolved by restarting the game.

Of course, this should NOT take into account things like problems with save states or what not (some games I played seem to have way more problems with save states then others), since save states by nature are terrible for stability and there's always a risk of crashing with save states regardless of what you're playing.

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It's not a bad suggestion (though what would be the difference between "Glitchy" and "Playable"?), however, the compatibility list is quite long already, and maintaining it ain't easy. For this kind of info you should look further at the games compatibility thread, and get some more info about how fast does it play, how well HW mode works, etc.
The generic "Playable" tag would just be for old listings, since it's impossible to go back and update all of them.

Just new listings would fall under one of the new categories, so it's not like it'll be some nightmare to go update thousands of games. And of course, old listings can be updated as well, so over the course of a few years most of them would be updated to one of the new tags.

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