A suggestion for the next stable version
since ubuntu is growing more spread among (sometimes new) linux users, it would be neat if you could add a .deb package (additionally to the .tgz one) as download for the next stable linux release of PCSX2, since it would make dependancy checking / getting all the packages a lot easier for ubuntu users (automatic apt -get and so on, since the dependancy info would be included in the .deb)

anyways thx a lot for keeping this awesome project alive and growing Smile

pcsx2 pwns Wink

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If it's possible it would be nice, I agree Smile

I also use Ubuntu but I am no software expert so I have difficult using most things without a .deb package or through the Ubuntu Software Center download program.

The last Ubuntu release with 9.10 Karmic Koala is really fantastic by the way! Smile
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