A white window named ZeroGS in X11 is all I get ... =(
Hello to you all Mac lovers 8-) !

So as the title says, I've recently downloaded PCSX2, and X11Quartz and the Nvidia CG Framework before that, and installed it all. Now the software launched fine, so I downloaded an ISO through a torrent (Castlevania - Lament of Innocence, I love the Castlevania series and this one traces the origins of all the other stories in the other episodes so I really want to play it - if you ever care to know Wink ), it came in as a .iso file. I went on PCSX2 and used the "Run ISO Image ..." command from the File menu. There it said "The specified BIOS file was not found. A BIOS is required for PCSX2 to work". I did a little research and now it makes sense. So Igot a BIOS on my own which came as a folder containing multiple files. THen I went to the configuration menu and set the bios directory to be that folder. THen I launched my game again - this time a window opened and you know the rest of it. Any clues as to how I should handle this ? Thanks a lot in advance Smile !

> Charles

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im having the same issue... im going to keep messing around. i'll let u know if i figure it out

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