AA for internal resolution
Hi, just wondering if any one know what is the Anti Alias value for for Gabest plug in? is it 4x, 8x or 16x? does it increase with resolution or no? if yes, what is the increment like?

thanks Tongue

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well the internal res acts like supersampling AA (which i don't know how much that is Tongue), but gsdx doesn't have real AA (except for software mode Tongue)
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AA in software mode? u mean the AAx1? omg, that sounds kinda bad for graphic isn't it? does anyone know how much supersampling AA we get for each resolution? 1900x1200 for instance.
It depends on the resolution of the game and to some extent the size and res of your monitor ie running 1900x1200 on a 17 inch 1280x1024 monitor will look better then running it on a 25 inch 1920x1200 res monitor. Because the monitor is applying super sampling AA while is if you are running at the full screen in the second one you are just upping the rendering res which has good effects but is not quite the same as supersampling which is rendering at a higher res then downscaling it back to a lower res.
so if I have a 24" lcd, wanna run 16x AA for my game, which internal res I should set it to? full HD is prefered. Does setting internal res to 1900x1200 give me 16x AA?

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