AFL 2006 or 2007
Hi I'm wondering if AFL 2006 or 2007 work with PCSX2?
I looked at the compatibility list and only AFL 2003 was on there but i thought maybe someone knows how to get it to work or maybe that list hasn't been updated in a while.. I would love to be able to play one of these especially 2007.

And If there is no possible way to get it working with PCSX2 does anyone of any other emulators etc. that support it?

Thanks guys.

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please, anyone?
You'll just have to try your games then.
OK AFL 2007 works! However i am having a lot of trouble to actually get some decent FPS in the actual gameplay!

I've tried enabling every possible option within the program to get some decent FPS.. Everything else runs fine, the intro video i get like 60 frames per second.. However whenever i start a match from the main menu it starts of with about 20 frames per second (pre game intro etc.) but as soon as the actual game starts (centre bounce) it massively drops.. I then get only 5-8 FPS..

Like i've said i've tried enabling all the possible speedup options, cpu etc. within PCSX2 but in the end the gameplay only changes 1-2 fps. Where as everything else is running fine.

I've tried changing the config settings and changing graphics from GSdx 890 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.14 to ZeroGS 0.97.1 etc.

Could someone please help me! Perhaps it's my system? Or is it the game? Maybe i need to update plug-ins.. I have no idea

My system:
Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz
1 GB Ram
Geforce 7600 GS

It's your system. Both your processor and graphics card are weak for PS2 emulation. All I can suggest is getting the latest PCSX2 beta (1888) and March 11 beta plugins for a speedup:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'm having the same problem but would have thought that i my comp was powerful enough.

My specs are:

Intel® Core™ i5 processor 430M (2.26/2.53GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 3MB L2 Cache)
4GB DDR3 (2GB + 2GB) (1066MHz)
GeForce® GT 330M

Are these also not high enough?
His system:
Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz
1 GB Ram
Geforce 7600 GS
*By the way: Is that a Northwood, Prescott or Cedar Mill?

My system:
Intel 541 Pentium 4 Prescott 3.2 @ 4.25 w/ HT (like a 5.2-6.4 ghz single core P4)
Geforce 8600GT.

Everything is at least double the speed, and I'm still struggling to run games.

The GPU is decent but the CPU is much too slow... You would be able to run PSX and N64 emulators without a problem but PS2 *is* impossible to emulate full speed if you don't have at least 10x the CPU speed of the PS2's emotion engine, which is at least 6 ghz in Pentium 4 terms, 3 ghz in Core 2 solo terms or 1.6 ghz in Core 2 Duo terms.

You could run 2D games but even the fastest 3D game FFX would only run about 15 FPS without speedhacks on your processor, and about 30 with.

This is why I'm making CPU a priority upgrade. The AMD Phenom IIs do seem appealing but my motherboard supports Core 2 so I might stick with Intel.
CPU: Pentium D 'Presler' 915 2.8 ghz 2x2MB L2 @ 3.5 ghz
GPU: eVGA [Nvidia] 8600GT 256MB SSC DDR3
Tested: FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, MGS3, KH, KH2, The Hobbit NTSC
PCSX2 FTW! Biggrin

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