ALOT of lags
well i just built my computer to game and i wanted to play Final Fantasy X
so i got it and then i started playing and im on the part where you get lost with rikku and find other people play blitzball .. well i started getting 16-20 fps which is REAALLLY slow and i dont get it
i mean i play crysis warhead on mainstream with 16-30 FPS!
and now im playing FF x on the LOWEST settings .. i really want to play this game please HELP

My rig- Intel Pentium ® DUAL CORE E2220 2.20 GHz
i have 4 gig RAM
and MSI ATI 4350 HD 512 MB

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I used to play crysis warhead on my desktop ran at around 30-45 fps on gamer b4 it went kaput, and id still get slowdowns on pcsx2. pcsx2 has a high requirement of power for it to run at its best (at least a 3ghz processor ,intel wise a core 2 duo and up, AMD side an Athlon X2, PhenomII X2 and up and a Nvidia GTX 260 or an Ati 4770 video card wise) . Your processor and video card seems to be on the low end =( , you might want to use some speedhacks and click the native box in gsdx (graphics plugin config section) but dont expect any miracles. =/
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Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 @2.4Ghz
2GB Corsair Ram
Nvidia 8600M 512MB

Try the latest beta and use speedhacks on it, specially the "x2 cycle rate" "Idle fast-forward" and "vu cycle stealing" set to slight might help. Also try making a ISO of the game and run it from there if you're using a disc currently.
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an nvidia GTX 260? I have a 9800GT and the only thing bottlenecking me is my CPU.
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You can play fine with an 8600, CPU is easily the most important component.
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