AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0Ghz?
So I have this processor with 4GB RAM and an NVIDIA Geforce 8600GTS (it's really old, I know Laugh) on Windows 7, but PCSX2 is laggy because it can't achieve 60fps on Legend of Spyro 3. I'm pretty sure my video card has a lot to do with it, and I'm planning on upgrading the 8600GTS to a GTX 550 Ti eventually because I have the PSU to support it.

However, since I'm not planning to change the CPU, I'm wondering if anyone knows how qualified this CPU is to run PCSX2. Bositman's sticky thread here states as a recommended processor:

"AMD Phenom II / Athlon II (X2, X3 or X4) @ 3.4Ghz or faster"

so I'm not sure if upgrading the video card will improve performance to 60fps with a 3.0Ghz X2 processor. If anyone with the knowledge or a similar or identical 3.0Ghz dual core could tell me how it will run, that would be great, Thanks!

[Image: cpustats.jpg]


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If running at native resolution,
I would not expect that GPU to be your bottleneck.

That processor could certainly be too slow for some games.
What does the EE% on the game window's titlebar read when slow?

Well, when I first tried it the EE read something like around 50%. I tried it again to verify and now it's saying 80%-90% so I'll go with that. No idea what was going on with the original 50%. That is on Legend of Spyro 3. On Spyro 5 I get something like 95% (which I thought was weird because I thought the graphics on the other game were more complex).

So basically... as I assume your answer to the high EE is that this CPU is too weak of PCSX2, the CPU is the issue and not the GPU?

Well, at least I can cheat on Spyro 3 by putting the NTSC framerate to 26. Or playing it on the playstation.
well EE stands for Emotion Engine (Or the emulation of the PS2 CPU) and GS is for the GPU. Not sure if this still counts, but they do recommend that u have atleast a Quad-Core with 3 Ghz Smile
yeah. that processor might just be too slow for that game. Wink
Hi to all,

I also have the same processor and I'm currently playing Final Fantasy X it sometimes slows from 60fps to 20+ fps particularly when I use the aeon Ifrit to perform his overdrive and whenever I use the fire spell with Lulu, it gets a little annoying and ruins my enjoyment of playing a little.

I'm running 2x2gb ddr3 dual channel ram, hybrid crossfire, onboard hd3000 and my good old radeon hd3450 and win7 ultimate w/ sp1 32bit.

Is it a hardware bottleneck or wrong configuration?

I'm using gsdx sse2 with native resolution and direct3d10, (because i think that's the only option my cpu supports), spu2-x (recommended settings), and cdvdgigaherz, (I'm using iso).

I'm using pcsx 0.9.8 with all the recommended speedhacks and the two microvu hacks enabled.

the slowdowns u have is quite normal, since some spells/aeon spells uses a high polygon count and that does make this game a bit on the heavier side, but besides that all this game is still one of the lightest games u could play on an older pc/laptop.
(03-12-2012, 04:14 PM)Osamaisgood Wrote: ... and my good old radeon hd3450 ...

That'd be why certain effects cause slow down for you.
Hmm so if it's the CPU that is too weak, and I were to swap the 250 with the most powerful socket AM3 that I could find, which is the Phenom 980 3.7ghz X4, but kept the 8600gts, PCSX2 could do 60fps? Just curious.
I'm not gonna say PCSX2 would do 60fps in any and every case,
but that is definitely going to improve performance.

It's not that the Phenom is that much faster than your current Athlon per-clock,
it's the higher clockrate that would help most.

That is why we often suggest overclocking your CPU around here,
if you are capable (save some $$$$).
It's where your bottleneck usually is once you've ruled out a GPU limitation.

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