AMD Mantle
Does anyone know how AMD's 'Mantle' will affect ps2 emulation?
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Theoretically it could affect alot of stuff from some of currently impossible to fix graphical glitches to speed on those AMD gpu's that support it, but in practice unless somebody creates a new plugin using this API, there will be no change at all. As I understand it cannot be GSdx port as it is with OGL either as that new API is totally different.
I'm pretty sure I posted in this topic already, guess it got deleted. Anyway, this thread discussed it earlier:
the thread you're mentioning doesn't talkk about PS2 emulation.
Only future PS3/4 emulation.
since it was unrelated, I deleted your post.
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Whoops, you're right. I thought PCSX2 was discussed in that thread, but it'd been a while since I actually checked that topic.

*just checked, the discussion did move over to PCSX2 and the gsdx plugin for a while. It's deeper in the thread but it was kinda relevant.

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