AMD Phenom II X4 965 Supports SSE3 or SSE4?
Doesn't AMD Phenom II X4 965 support SSE3 or SSE4? CPUID program shows that this cpu is compatible with SSE (1,2,3,4A)...Although CPUID shows this, PCSX2 0.9.7 says this cpu doesn't support SSE3?[Image: cpuid.png]

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I'm pretty sure you have sse3 support but last I checked the sse4a wasn't supported. Intel guys get sse4.1 which is supported.
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No, AMD's support SSE3 & SSE4a which are different than Intels SSSE3 & SSE4.1... AMDs only support SSE2 for pcsx2.
SSE3 & SSE4a are not useful for PCSX2..
SSSE3 & SSE4.1 are to be supported in the Bulldozer architecture, which will release someday this year to complete against Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridges.
as i tried AMD Phenom II X4 965 only support SSE2 & SSE3.for SSE4 not support for Pcsx2, only Intel that support SSE3,SSSE3, buy for Intel.
mine too AMD Phenom II X4 955
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Despite the similarity of the names, SSE3 is unrelated to SSSE3 and the same is true for SSE4a and SSE4.1.
AMD has to date not implemented the SSSE3 and SSE4.1 instruction sets on any of their CPUs.
Therefore the recommended GSdx version for AMD users is the SSE2 one.

There is a minor speed loss, but it is only about 10% overall.
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Aaahhhh Ssse3.... Gets me every timeTongue
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(03-17-2011, 11:55 AM)Nuke Wrote: Aaahhhh Ssse3.... Gets me every timeTongue

It gets a lot of people, tbh its flippin ridiculous naming conventions!

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Basically, no love for AMD CPUs lol...
Hey, I7 came in hand, at good hour, and it uses the approach AMD has been using since the Athlon XP... complex architecture able to to more by the same amount of clock cycles...

What began with AMD cloning the x86 instruction set came out to Intel cloning the x86-64 AMD instruction set after the first Itanium failure, which left AMD as the first to deliver 64 bits CPU for the PC market and indeed dictating the 64 bits standard core.

At the server segment, the fight is still ugly.

I7 is 2 generations ahead AMD phenom II, so at this moment Intel has clear lead in the performance segment (and bigger lead still in the cost segment, and I don't mean in the positive sense).

Everyone should love that struggle, it keep things coming and technology advancing at giant steps. Go AMD, go Nvidia, Go Intel... go everyone...

I don't think Bulldozer will put AMD ahead of Intel, it is not even meant to it, it seems AMD is strangely apathetic of that competition at all, it's just keeping enough breath to keep itself in the market until it can prove in capitals why it had to enter the "graphical" segment buying ATI.

PS: Albeit I7 was a big boom, it was not good for the direct market competition, hence the watered I5 and I3 coming to supply the mainstream segment (obviously watered there doesn't mean inferior to AMD products).

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Quote:There is a minor speed loss, but it is only about 10% overall.

That's all? Program runs anyway?
So that can't be the reason why pcsx2 don't start?
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(mean performance ok but stuck to V1.6 because of SSSE3 incompatibility Sad )

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