ANOTHER Anothey Century's 3 Question!
Well. Believe it or not. I actually have set right settings for "Another Century's Episode 3". It works perfectly. Now for the battlefield. I wont lie and say that its perfect. But the best i can say is that its Kinda DECENT. Now im using r1888 for this to make the 3dness play faster. So im just wondering what suggesting would be great to make it play kinda better. Cause sometimes i have to use frame skip which kinda glitches the map, but it plays well to 60fps. And sometimes when i switch to normal. It plays a pretty good 46fps. I have a 2200 Sempron, with 2.00 Ghz. I know yes, its low. But believe. Its play kinda great. I just want you opinions on if the VU Cycling should be on at least to my comp, slight speed up, moderate, large, or very large. And a decent number for skip frames. I used this setting as making it large 3d speed at skipping 7 frames.

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