ASUS X83VB-x2 or HP dv4-2045dx??
hey guys~
which laptop do you think is better for gaming in general. well of course, for the pcsx2 as well Smile

ASUS X83VB-x2 Specs:

HP dv4-2045dx Specs:

Thx guys!

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Wrong forum, a moderator will have to move this.

Anyways, the Asus is a much better machine. The 3D card there is much better and the Core 2 Duo is generally faster than a similary clocked Turion. Also that C2D has 2MB cache versus the Turion 1MB (this doesn't matter much because their architecture is different but anyways)... and oh the price. The Asus is quite cheaper than the HP.

I would go with the Asus without much thinking. The only thing I like on the HP better is the 7200RPM HDD wich for me is a must, but on games this only affects the load time, not the game itself so for you it won't matter. Go with the Asus and If you can OC that CPU, you get a decent rig. Beware that PCSX2 is veeery CPU intensive and neither of those laptops will get you awesome results, but you will be able to play =D
Sorry for my bad english, not my native language!
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Out of those 2, the Asus is definitely the one to go with. However, it's still slow for PCSX2. My Acer Aspire 4395G has almost the same specs (P7450 2.13Ghz CPU, 9300M GS 512MB) and it still struggles with FFX even with speed hacks (getting 30-40FPS).
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thank u thank u guys
i actually have the dv4 and the FFXII is running really well right now
45~60fps with the speed hack and etc.
hmm...maybe i might change my decision to get the asus.
thx guyz!

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