ATI 3850 and Direct3D10
I have read in installation guide, that GSdx plugin has hardware support of Direct3D10 and I can enable it if I have Windows 6.x and DirectX10 compliant graphic card. Well, 3850 is DirectX10 compliant, but in configuration menu of GSdx (SSE2) I didn't find any option to set the Direct3D10 mode (even software).
Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I should edit some of .ini files manually, or configure something in videodriver, or maybe I missed something?..

My system is:
PCSX2 version: 0.9.7 (beta)
OS: Windows Vista SP2
CPU: AMD Athlon 6000+
Graphic card: ASUS ATI 3850

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It sounds like your dirctx runtime is not up to date.
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2 Ænigmatik, Shadow Lady:
Thanx, I'll update the runtimes as soon as possible and post the results here.
It works after installing the update, thank you once more.

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