ATTN: tallbender (=p) regarding Peops Spu2 plugin
so i rmember seeing u say that this is the best sound plugin for srw series,, its great! cept that the char voice is slower than the bgm soundtrack, is this normal or we can somehow tweak this?

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Why not Try SPU2-X 2.0 from here : PCSX2 SVN. Peops is not developed now. Tongue2
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ive been always using spu2 x but i dunno, it seems more smooth by using peops (super robot war series) xD
it's normal even in SPU-X's Async thats because your not using a beast computer.
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alright! thanks man uve been a great help,, almost done with Mx, next willl be alpha 2/OGs, hopefully itll get by without too much probs

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