About DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
why i cant play the game when i try to lauch it im stuck on ps2 memory card im new to pcsx2 emulator any idea how can i play it in pcsx2 0.9.7

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i have absolutely no idea but one thing i know for sure writing without using punctuation characters is so much fun i could do it all day

make an iso of your game disc with imgburn and use the internal iso-loader instead of a plugin (CDDVD -> ISO, then CDDVD -> load ISO)


and use "fast boot" in pcsx2
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Do you have "No Disc" selected in the CDVD drop down menu? Or if it's on "Plugin" and gigaherz CDVD plugin (default) is pointed towards an empty drive. If it's on "Iso", make sure you set one in "Iso Selector". Basically, PCSX2 is doing what any PS2 would do without a disc in. Smile
thansk for the help guys but when i try to change the Bios to US it work my bad

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