About FFX
Well you all know me. My specs are

Dell xps 1530
intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz (pcsx2 reads it as 2.396)
8600m gt 256mb
4 gb ram
windows vista sp 1

I use the latest beta version of pcsx2 and the latest plugins. And I was wondering what are the idle settings for ffx? I have the pal version since its an old disk, and I made an iso from it. But it runs slow in what ever settings I use, goes down to 45 in the begining sequence, even in native.
But I seen others run it perfect even while not in native, just want to know what are the perfect settings for ffx?

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The opening is the only part of the game that's ever run slow for me on my PC even before I upgraded the processor (3800+ @ 2.4ghz).

As for seeing other people get it in full speed... Do you mean with the same computer specs as you? Did you see it in person? Or a video online... because the videos taken within PCSX2 are sped up to full speed.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Well I seen people with weaker laptops ala dual core 1.6 and 8400m geforce saying they ran it at full speed. I'm just wondering the perfect config for ffx since its one of the first games to be perfected?
they most probably used quite some speed hacks for this game, so don't believe in those "full speed"-statements unless proven with exact settings. no idea, which of the speed hacks work best with ffx as i don't have to use them for this game, but just try them out for yourself. and the intro and summonings are the most demanding scenes of this game, the rest of it is considerably faster, btw.
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