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About USB storage device and PCSX2
I have a question. Is PCSX2 has support for USB storage data (e.g. thumb drives)? I want to use my thumb drive for exporting edit data from DDR X1 PS2 game to my thumb drive for use with DDR X1 to DDR X3 Arcade Machines... to load and play edit data. Sadly, I have no PS2 to use now.

First time here in site but I've been using PCSX2 for years now.

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From my understanding, the PS2's USB functions aren't properly emulated yet (and may never be.) So for now you'll just have to make due until you can get another PS2.
You can extract your savegames with mymc, google it and you shall receive Tongue
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I do extract saved gamed with mymc, problem is I can't export files generated by DDR X1 PS2 game to my thumb drive for use with DDR X1 to X3 Arcade machines, because storage devices don't work with PCSX2.

I have no other option on how to export arcade files other than PS2.

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