About Vertical thin strip seen on Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken

My Config:
Emulator: almost every 0.9.5 beta up to pcsx2 r458m
GFX plugin:
1) Zero GS 0.97.0 and 0.97.1
2) Gsdx various version, up to 0.1.12.

Platform: E8400 + 4G RAM + Radeon 4870 all non-OCed.
The speed is markedly improved recently, but,
Thin vertical stripes happened when >4xAA on ZeroGS and every setting on Gsdx
(about 8~10 stripes, with width only 1~2pixel, which equally divide the monitor,
but the game screen is perfect despite of these stripes, other game is fine at all)
appear when I try a new 0.95 beta a few months ago
(not remember which version, because I have over 20 versions)

The most curious part is, once it happen, I've try every previous version I used, it remained.

Which make it more complicated is, I've changed 3 cards
On 7900GTX, everything is fine, despite the the version is a bit of earlier.
On 4870, it happened at first, but could be cured by check the "Alternative AA focus" on CCC setting, then It is no more curable whether you check it or not.
On GTX 285, it remained.
Beside, I've try to disable AF, AA or leave it by program control, It still is in vain.

Is it possible to debug the situation? Is anything I have to twitch further?

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It is normal,you are changing the internal resolution of the game and glitches happen. Do not use AA on ZeroGS or other than native res on GSdx and it's gone.
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