About cheats...
I searched the forum but I am not sure what works and what not.

I mostly want to use Codebreaker cheats, all of them (in one topic I read only codebreaker cheats starting with 0, 1 and 2 work) because ususally the really fun ones are the ones that change the game (which seem to always start with a different value).

Would be convenient if I could use pnach files for that, but I wouldn't mind booting up codebreaker, entering the values manually and then booting the game.

That won't work though, I just tested it, entered cheats, swapped discs without reset and then used codebreaker's boot game option.
The cheat didn't work.

Also, I apparently need the game version checker and "codebreaker convert to raw" but I cannot find any place to download them anymore.
Does anyone have links left?
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Can anyone tell me anything that could help?
If you are going to use pnach,you must decrypt the codes to raw if they are not(some codes are using v1+ encryption,other are using v7 encryption and there are codes that are raw already)

You can use my program to decrypt the codes and create the pnach.

Also,are you 100% sure the codes are for your version of the game(at the code breaker site there are codes only for USA version games)
Also if you are using codebreaker,he need a working master code to be inserted too and from my limited experience with it,he don't like using different encryption codes for the same game...for example.

V7 Master code,inf money v1+ encrypted,inf life raw code
All codes must be the same type
Codebreaker takes control of the device, let's say the PS2 itself originally and the emulator in this case. This is the same as saying the emulator becomes under it what is good. Still codebreaker supposes it is dealing with the original hardware and not an emulator and although it works most of times it is not granted always.

Pnach has partial support to more complex codes but not all. So to really complex cheats, like those activated by controller keys and such might work under codebreaker and won't work with pnach.

So it all falls on the kind of cheat you want to use and be aware it might not work indeed. Besides the code will fail independent on the cheat engine if the game's version/region doesn't match, I mean it will fail under codebreaker or pnach equally.

Since pnach works for most cheats over there you might want to try one the pnach creators you can find here at the forums, look under the homebrew and utilities section. Specific threads will tell you how to use them and those utilities are real help.
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Finally a way to convert the codebreaker codes to raw.
I guess I'll search in the homebrew and utilities section for something if I can't get it to work with this.

Btw, does anyone still ahve a PS2 version checker lying around? Google and the other threads just have broken links.
Do you mean the disk checker(to check if the codes are for your version of the game)?

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