About controls in Manhunt 2
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I've finally figured out the cause of the controls in Manhunt 2, the reason that the camera does not work with the mouse or right stick gamepad is that developers have not included camera in this game, only the left stick controls, I was going crazy looking for information, he believed that was due to a bad configuration of pcsx2, but looking at some gameplay videos for manhunt 2 pcsx2 I realized that there was no control for the camera with the right stick.
Then all I need to apologize to the forum for being so heavy and if I have broken the rules is by my inexperience, for no other reason, I do apologize, and I wanted to thank you has an opportunity that I have offered to be part of this wonderful community, you are a terrific forum, sorry, at heart, I hope you forgive me, I will not bother you.
Thank you and long live Pcsx2
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So you're playing Manhunt 2 without owning the game and/or a PS2?

Edit: My bad, turns out you own 7 PS2s.

Can I possibly buy one of those Japanese ones off of you? My friend had bought me an imported copy of "Raw Danger!" for a gift because I really like things like that. I can't really play it on my US PS2 or PCSX2, you know.
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