About correspondence to modem communication
I am using PCSX 2 to play games everyday.
This emulator has high game reproducibility,
Now that the actual machine is reaching the mechanical life,
I think that it is very worthwhile.
It does not rise to the hardship of the developers.

Well, as for the title, I also connected two PS 2 using i.Link (FireWire) on PCSX 2,
I am looking forward to responding to games of type playing against.
Specifically, it corresponds to "ARMORED CORE 2" and its sequel software.

For example, "PCSXR" which is an emulator of PS1,
There is a function of "sioBlade 1.1" plugin,
This is done by launching two "PCSXR" and by connecting to the local host (
It works as though the two PS 1 were connected with Link cable.
By using this, without splitting the screen when playing a matchup,
It was possible to play against one big screen.
The same thing as this is ideal if possible with i.Link (FireWire) Plugin of PCSX 2,
At the moment there is only "FWnull Driver", so I can not expect it.

So I thought.
In the sequel's "ARMORED CORE 2 ANOTHER AGE" and subsequent games,
It corresponds to communication battle with "56k modem" connection.
However, since PCSX 2 does not correspond to modem at present,
Although this mode can not be used, it emulates the operation of 56k modem,
It is wonderful if you can launch two PCSX 2 and play against the local host connection.
Is it technically extremely difficult to make such a plugin?
Does anyone have a good idea?

Because I can not speak English, this text uses machine translation.

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I wouldn't bother doing so since running pcsx2 twice will fry your CPU.
but since pcsx2 online plus seems to work over the web, i guess it could work on a localhost
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