About pcsx2
I have a windows vista and i've reviewed the requirements of the running specifications and see that i meet all of the standards. However, every time I use the emulator, i go through a fail routine. Start, pcsx2 needs to be configured, then i configure it. then it says "could not load GS plugins 'plugins': <NULL>. then takes me back to configure. then i reconfigure it and then it runs to the initiating screen or the menu. then i go into the tool bar and click run then it tells me an error that it can't read memory card 1 and 2, then it says Error creating bios etc.
can anyone please tell me what is happening

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run it in administrator mode or turn off UAC
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
Also don't use DX10 Hardware mode if you don't have a DX10 capable graphics card.
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