About removing Single threaded mode
A few weeks, or maybe months ago, you guys were discussing about maybe taking out Singe threaded mode because it made it easier to code or some thing. And that it also improved speed on even some single core processors. I can't remember all the reasons though.

But I did my own test by disabling all cores and hyperthreading on my stock clocked i7 in the bios, then playing a few games. This includes Grand Theft Auto 4, Crysis, PCSX2 and the Street Fighter 4 benchmarks.

Surprisingly Grand theft auto was actually playable in certain situations with certain settings, and it didn't look too bad.

But to get back on topic, I tested PCSX2 with Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. When I disabled Multi threaded mode, I gained 10 fps. I went from 39 fps to 49 fps. So maybe other people with Single core processors could be negatively impacted greatly by taking out singe threaded mode. Laptop users that have the Core 2 Solo processor could go from almost full speed to barely playable in certain games. Plus there are new single core i7s coming to the laptop market.

This is just something I'm noticing. You guys probably decided to keep single threaded mode anyway since it is still supported.

EDIT: Here is the original topic http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-6599.html?highlight=stgs

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seems interesting the proposition, and I doubt that someone who runs the emu dont have AT LEAST a Hyper-Threading processor. would it mean faster emulation, more compatibility? if it is so, I think that is a good idea... anyway this is not the place to discuss this so I will leave it at that (and I hope that nobody try to use Recarm on the thread xD //reference to the SMT series, meaning reviving the post, it seems kinda old//)
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Hypthreading doesn't increase speed at all for me with the i7, and there are a lot of single core processors still out.

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