About sound issue in GTA : VC
Ok, another thing, was trying Vice City on PCSX2 today, ran direct from the disc, tried setting from stereo to DTS (this is 4 channels on the actual PS2), but on PCSX2, no error comes but no sound either. PC is connected to an receiver that is capable of DTS, so is my pc, as every pc is for that game, since the actual PS2 doesnt even have any dedicaded sound module that encodes DTS or DD, assume thats done in software on the CPU or one of the VU's.

Asking this as Vice City PS2 actually has better sound (higher bitrate) then the PC version, playing the PS2 version in high res with the DTS is VC in full glory.
Im not connecting via optical (as you do with PS2), but via discrete, if that matters any.

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