About tekken tag tournament performance
Almost of my PS2 games(including tekken 4,5) get huge boost from MTVU, So I always happilly play the PCSX2 on my alienware m17x.
But one of my game, unfoltunatlly, TekkenTT(for all region) doesn't get any benefits from MTVU.

Furthermore, TekkenTT even got the huge slowdown with MTVU Before r5092 revisions.(fixed from r5092).

For now, only good solution for tekkenTT is setting on the superVU for both.
but it's still not better than getting benefits from MTVU.

I was wondering may I ask developers could begin to care about this game espacially on MTVU plz.

thank you.

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There is nothing that can be done. If the game doesn't get sped up by MTVU it means it is not using the VU1 unit enough. It is the way the game is coded so PCSX2 developers have nothing to do with that.
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Tekken tag gets 2 fps boost from MTVU at the most when clocked at 4.3Ghz.

Bositman is right though, this game is nuts.
The game is extremely VU0 bound, not a lot we can do about it im afraid!
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